Remember the smell of podding peas? The feel of a coming storm in a hot day? The taste of a plate of fried stuffed courgette flowers or simply a glass of local red wine? icandyprints recalls these senses. A picture tells a thousand words and these prints immediately take you back to your happy places. Enjoy - Salut!

All icandyprints are SIGNED AND OF A LIMITED EDITION created to fit into a 40cms by 50cms frame and have a 5cms unprinted border on each edge. We only use quality heavy art paper suitably for giclée printing.

No frames are included but they are easily available in most stores. Ikea frames have a 5cm edge mounting board with their frames. 

All prints are created & printed in the UK. Global postage available  - just ask for mailing costs.

All images here are copyrighted property to icandyprints. All rights reserved.